Bantha poodoo in its yet undigested form

"Oh, bantha poodoo!"
The Hutt-father

Bantha poodoo was a precious substance throughout the galaxy but was only found on the planet of Tatooine. However, to meet the demands for it, there were numerous artificial poodoo manufacturers scattered across the universe. It was made from the massive piles of digested food left by banthas. It was used as fuel by the Empire in replacement of Jawa Juice as the standard fuel for the Imperial Fleet. When thrown into the reactor of a starship, it gave a 75 percent increase in power. This is why Rebel starships lost so many battles. It was used by Darth Vader to power the Death Star, as it was the only substance capable of energy levels that can Destroy your planet. Real, all-natural bantha poodoo was superior to its artificial competitors and therefore much more expensive. It was harder to come by because the Sand People were known to hoard it in secret Temples and anyone who tried to take it were given Sand People torture.

Bantha poodoo was held sacred by many crime lords, as it was very expensive and held more energy than any other substance. This is why phrases "Oh, bantha poodoo!" and "Holy great mounds of bantha poodoo!" were popular with the criminal and lower classes. Jabba the Hutt was a notable dealer in bantha poodoo.

There was also an even rarer substance found only by the bravest explorers of Tatooine, known as hamster poodoo. This substance was produced by small rodents and was EXTREMELY EXPLOSIVE. Prospective buyers were warned that not many were willing to part with their hamster poodoo, and should be willing to pay extremely large amounts of money and possibly their lives (these poodoo collectors could be extremely vicious sometimes). Hamster poodoo was no good as fuel as it would propel the ship about 1 meter off the ground and then spontaneously combust.

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