"Won't you be my neighbor?"
―Motto of the Brotherhood of DarknessThe Brotherhood of Darkness was a paradoxical organization of Sith and Dark Jedi that eschewed their glorious tradition of backstabbing and double-dealing in favor of cooperation and equality against the Jedi Order.


The Brotherhood of Darkness was established in 1,010 BBY as an attempt to reorganize and revitalize the New Sith Empire, which in dutiful adherence to its Sith roots had sought gallantly and successfully to embody the archetype of monolithic evil empires that almost conquer good and noble governments but collapse due to the self-destructive conniving ambitions of their dark wizard underlords. Seeking to forefend this from repeating, the Brotherhood's leader, the prominent anti-Jedi activist Kaan, proclaimed all the preeminent Sith to be Dark Lords of the Sith, thereby cleverly diluting the title's value. Simultaneously, he forbade use of the title Darth, reasoning that all earlier Sith failure was due to the its disturbing similarity to the name of a certain Republic soldier from the Mandalorian Wars. This done, Kaan united the Sith, and together they fought against the Jedi Army of Light in the Ruusan campaign on the planet Ruusan, where because it never occurred Kaan to slag the planet from orbit, the long and arduous conflict finally ended in the Brotherhood's destruction. Or at least so Kaan thought. Get it? Thought bomb pun! Bwahahaha!


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