The ultimate blessing, to die by the hands of greatness.

"You shall feel the Lord's wrath, evil one, when I lay my blaster upon thee!"

The Bryar pistol is the almighty Weapon of God.
One single blast will be enough to Destroy your planet.

The Bryar pistol is one of three immortal relics forged on The First World by the Whills. It was given to the new God, Kyle Katarn when he was born. The other relics were The ULTIMATE ULTIMATE Snoke Card of POWAH and the SUPAHsaber. Kyle used his pistol to avenge the death of his father Torrent Katarn, after he was killed by a traitor Whill. The pistol instantly vaporized the traitor. The pistol was used to destroy worlds at will, after the Whills died out. It was used By Katarn when he fought at the end of the Shadow Wars and helped to defeat Shockwave and Snoke, However both got away alive. Berserker was not so lucky. The Pistol then left with Katarn after the Shadow Minds fell.

The Almighty Katarn would go on using his pistol to unleash his full POWAH on the Yuuzhan Vong freaks as they tried to challenge him to battle for the ultimate POWAH throne and these Yuuzhan Vong fools went face to face.......None of them ever made out alive to even tell their stories about it.

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