Darth Bad Guy
Biographical information

Where fucking else, Tatooine


Hell yeah


Some savior of the galaxy killed him

Physical description

Not a damn alien


Male, duh


Fucking tall

Hair color

Black for his evilness

Eye color

Red for his evilness


A cyborg hand that can shoot lasers

Chronological and political information

Darth Bad Guy era of evilness


Evilness, Sith Order

Known masters

None because he is that evil

Known apprentices

Like 20 or something

"You all shall die! I am evilness! I also hate black people and jews"
―Darth Bad Guy

Darth Bad Guy, real name unknown, was one of the most notable and evilest Sith Mega-Super-Overlord of them all. The date of his birth is unknown, but scholars have come to the conclusion that he was born on Tatooine (of fucking course). From the very minute that he was born, Darth Bad Guy was pure pure evil. At only about a second old, Darth Bad Guy knew that he would eventually grow up to be a really evil Sith Lord that would throw the galaxy into chaos and then have his ass PWN3D by some random person destined to defeat him because of some prophecy or something.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nothing is known about Darth Bad Guy's early life which just goes to show how evil and bad and two-dimensional Darth Bad Guy is. Scholars though believe that he most likely spent his early life doing really evil deeds such as killing people and the typical Sith stuff.

Rise to pure evilness Edit

Around the age of 12 is when Darth Bad Guy began becoming a prominent player in Galactic events. By this age, he already was an extremely extremely extremely powerful Sith Lord that had extreme power. Did we mention, he was really extremely powerful? He also had a cool name Darth name created for himself and he had a cool Sith costume. It is unknown who helped Darth Bad Guy reached this status, but it is believed he taught himself by using the book Three Easy Steps to Becoming an Extremely Extremely Extremely Powerful Sith Lord. Anyway, Darth Bad Guy then proceeded to commit many evil acts against the populace of the Galaxy. It is said that his evilness was so evil that he managed to destroy over 2 million planets in less than a week. Those were some truly dark days for the galaxy. He also succeeded in killing all the Jedi.

Formation of an EVIL EMPIRE Edit

"I shall create an empire of evilness in which this galaxy has never seen! It shall be remembered throughout history!"
―Darth Bad Guy, going on about his new evil Sith Empire (which will eventually be forgotten after a new and eviler Sith Empire is created one week after his death)

By age 16, Darth Bad Guy got bored of just causing random havoc, so he decided to form a new Sith Empire from all the random planets that he took over during his four years of pure evilness. Yep, he formed Darth Bad Guy's Sith Empire and with it, he imposed an era of evilness upon the galaxy. It is said the only good thing that came out of Darth Bad Guy's Sith Empire was their ban on homosexuality.

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