Darth Bill "Imarichbitch" Gates
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October 25, 1955 BBY


1200 BBY

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"Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational game console...........Uhhhh wait a minute."
Darth Bill, at the Xbox 360 presentation

Darth Bill was the Supreme Overlord of Computers, until he was dead. He was ruthlessly killed by his son, with a Megaton Burrito.


Early lifeEdit

"I'm Hillbillybob! I work at Barnyard Piggys! I'm too busy being country! I'm a loose hillbilly cop who plays by his mom's rules! Give me a toothpick and I'll give my pet pig, Shoe! Pinochiochiochiochiochiochio! I ate Judge Fudge's butt and brain! It was good, but not that delicious! I'm a hillbilly! Yow! SHAKIN MY BUTT! I GOT SUNBURN IN AN UNCOMFABLE PLACE! SLIM JIM!! HA!!! HILLBILLY!! YEEHAA! I SING IN THE BATHTUB!"
―Hillbilly Bob, stating his opinions on.... something

Darth Bill was born on an unknown date as "Hillbilly Bob", and was born in a smelly trailer on Tatooine. His abusive parents, Bob Ass and Joe Mama, used him as a toilet plunger, and at the time, it wasn't pleasant, when he finally ran away, where he lived with Judge Fudge for several days, until he finally hate the judge.

Bob, changed his name to Bill Gates, and found a building with a wanted boss of the computer company. Bill stayed and ruled the computers, and made the Mega Computer, a computer that can do anything, even destroy a planet. However, a mysterious man stole the Planet Destroyer hard drive, so Bill created the Soft Star.

Became a SithEdit

One day, he finally completed the Soft Star and it was fully operational. Having his job done, he has nothing to do and get bored. so he decided to go to Darthipedia and reading some craps. He find a page The Steps of being a Sith. He followed the steps and finally, he made it to become a Sith and named Darth Bill. He also had a son named Darth Nerd.


Darth Bill become a very POWAHful Sith. he destroyed many planet and accept many fanboys as his apprentice. One day, Darth Bill pissed on (literally) Darth Jobs, the emperor of the Macintosh Empire at Kybucks Coffee House for some uncertain reasons. It is believed that Darth Bill too much drank jawa juice and thought that Darth Jobs was a closet ( because his face really looks like a closet!! ). Darth Jobs was really pissed off ( metaphorically ). So he promised to destroy the Microsoft Empire. He became the biggest and only rival of Darth Bill. Darth jobs have tried many times to destroy the Microsoft empire, but always failed on attempt. Darth Jobs was finally killed when The final showdown between Darth Bill and Darth Gates. And finally, Microsoft empire triumphed over the Macintosh Empire.

His DeathEdit

When the celebration of his victory over the Macintosh Empire, he went to the greatest restaurant in town, Burrito King. When his son, Darth Nerd, ordered the Megaton Burrito without his father's permission, He ate the whole thing in fifty-six seconds, causing an explosive fart. Everyone evacuated the place, but Bill couldn't make it.

His Unique Force PowersEdit

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