Darth Ugly
Darth Grotesque
Biographical information

Unknown planet


89 BBY, Nabooboo

Physical description



Male (unconfirmed)

Chronological and political information


"There once was an ugly Darthipedian. He was so ugly that everyone died."
Darth Patrick
"This guy is ugly"
Darth Obvious

Darth Grotesque, born Al Repugnant, was an unpopular, unsuccessful Sith Mega-Super-Overlord plagued with bad looks and terrible acne. Born on an unknown planet which was destroyed by Darth Darth Binks, Al Repugnant had a difficult early life. He suffered at the hands of his colleagues throughout his life, and eventually developed a terrible depression. Al Repugnant decided to vent his anger by joining the Sith, but was bullied there as well. His fellow Sith found him disgusting, and often played pranks on him, culminating in his Sith name, which his master found quite amusing.

Darth Grotesque would Die on Nabooboo as he finally saw his reflection

Darth Grotesque was taught Form 0 (yet another prank), and fought with a shooto (super short lightsaber).

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