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Darth Obvious
This is an image of the character whose name appears in the title above.
Biographical information

It must have been Nabooboo.


When he was


When he did

Physical description



(I cannot assume someone else´s gender)


It should be quite obvious that he was about 5ft 11in

Hair color

He was balding on the top of his head and had some brown hair in a circle around his noggin, obviously.

Eye color



prostetic soul

Chronological and political information

It should be quite obvious since he flew for Padmé.



Known masters

Darth Lucas

Known apprentices

It should be quite obvious by now: none

"Look over there, a planet entirely covered by one big city. And look, there is a Human. He has two arms and two legs, not to mention two eyes and two butt-cheeks. But, get this, he only has one nose, mouth and bellybutton. I am being very helpful. You have drawn your blaster. You are aiming it at m—"
―The last words of Darth Obvious (obviously)

Captain/Darth Ric "Obvious" Olié was the name of a character in the Star Wars Saga, specifically in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace otherwise known as the fourth Star Wars film, made in an attempt to revitalize the series after it was discontinued after the sixth movie was finished almost three decades before the first portion of the prequel series was cast and shot.[1]

The biography of the character who this article is aboutEdit

The character was named Ric Olié, a designation consisting of seven letters, two of which are capitalized, and one has that little flicky thing known as an accent over it which leans to the right. Ric Olié pilots a spaceship in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which is a type of ship that flies in space, hence the name, "spaceship," or otherwise "starship." The character Ric Olié is a Human. He is also male. He has a bald patch distracting from his otherwise (barely) brown-haired head. He is not a Dark Lord of the Sith despite his designation of "Darth," which he gave himself as a birthday present on his birthday representing that he had become another year older and had just become the age of 69 or so he said, alluding to a popular sexual position given that designation. He is also not a Wookiee, as a certain person whom he would then despise for the rest of his life by feeling feelings of hatred, betrayal, lust, and negativity towards, would not allow him to grow out the hair on his body out so he could merely appear to be a Wookiee because he would still have a bald head and it would look very awkward. That person was named Madclaw and was a Wookiee, absolutely not a Hutt or any other slime-covered or worm-related species. Also, this article was apparently written by a 7 year old and is not remotely funny even after 7 shots of whiskey. Now Darth Obivious , which is his name, died when he was shot in the back of the head by an angry passenger. The bullet blew out his his brain preventing anything happing to his body from there.


A legacy is a way to remember someone who has passed. It is what they leave behind, and...

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