The Doom Star is the Russian knockoff of the Death Star. During the 1980's, Soviet operatives were deployed to gather intelligence on American President Ronald Regan's proposed Strategic Defense Initiative, code named "Star Wars". This system would use satellite-based, directed energy lasers to destroy any enemy weapons launched from the surface. Soviet spies were able to obtain video footage of the "Star Wars" system in action, after stealing the "top secret" footage from an American Blockbuster Video. Soviet officials were horrified to learn that not only had the Americans constructed a space based weapon system, but that weapon system was capable of destroying an entire planet. In desperation the Soviets began development of their own "super weapon" codenamed "Бура́н" or "blizzard". The weapon's fire power was significantly less than the Death Star but it was capable of destroying an entire moon. After the fall of the Soviet Union the Doom Star found its way into the "paws" of Darth Scar. Scar now in sefious financial trouble would attemped to use the Doom Star to destroy his home planet of Africa to collect insurance money. Unfourtanetly the utter crapyness of Russian engineering caused the superlaser to malfunction sparing Africa from destruction. The disgruntaled Scar abandond the weapon.

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