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A femtrooper in scout trooper armor.

"AHHHH! YES!!! YES!!!"
―Audio of a female Stormtrooper doing what she does best

A female trooper was perhaps the most vital and effective faction of Imperial Intelligence. Many thought of them as "the reason I joined this sliced shit in a shoe of an Imperial Army" but it was, in truth, a secretive agency within the Empire that operated within the fields of: assasination, espionage, infiltration, sabotage, anti-terrorism, special operations AKA anti-terrorism, and of course prostitution.

Female troopers' effectiveness in the Imperial Army was very high. Basically, most stormtroopers and Imperial officers sprinted out for their lives after three seconds of service. Somehow, female stormtroopers managed to stop them before they could leave.

However, female troopers did not operate in the ways you think. Surprisingly, almost all of them were men (or transvestites). They had methods of making others work for them. Such methods were mostly peaceful conversations in which female stormtrooper officers discussed mutual benefits with the Twi'leks. Female stormtroopers offered many opportunities for their employees.

However, the agency was shrouded in mystery, and nothing was known about them for sure... besides how good their relations must have been...

As for me? I choose to believe that female stormtroopers were a geeky branch of the Imperial Military which was in truth nothing more than a few Imperial officers enrolled in a masturbation club because they had small "lightsabers" and could not get anything better than holograms and standard Imperial pleasurebringerss issue 117.9.


  • Ben swolo and the lust Jedi
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