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The Administrator of the Jedi Council Forums.

The Jedi Council Forums is a popular Star Wars forums site. It is run by administrators, such as the George Lucas clones.

There are the Prequel Trilogy Forums, the Classic Trilogy Forums, the Saga Forums, the Episode VII Forums, the Star Wars community forums, and some fanfiction forums and thread too.

There are many different users there, but most of them are clones of Lando Calirissian. 

Billy Dee williams cloned himself 800x and his clones reside on this website. 

After Anakin Skywalker's ghost had force-sensitive Zabrak children with the ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, they created the jedi council forums and infused it with the energies of the Darkside of the Force, sending a great disturbance in the Force throughout the jedi council forums.....

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