They weren't that tiny

Lego stormtroopers were the tincy-whincy tiny terrors that kept the Emperors tyrannical terrors running smoothly. By introducing these tiny troops, the Emperor was able to successfully kidnap his beloved Acky-Poo (This female is quite unknown) and kept her locked up in his chambers. The Lego stormtroopers could squeeze through tiny spaces, eat cheese and squeal like very petrified mice. They were led by Darth Lego Vader and used modified tincy whincy blasters that were created especially for them. The Rebels liked to smash them against the wall, as they would break when they did that.

All the Lego stormtroopers were made of Lego. They all needed plenty of cheese and extra strong cheese juice to survive. Once, a trooper ate only Gruyere for a month (I know, GRUYERE!) and ended up farting his little Lego legs off.

Lego stormtroopers were born when Lego was created by the empire. Most people believe that 'Iego' was misread by the Imps. And was actually called 'Lego'. Here they were born!

They fought in the Lego wars against knock-off brands.

Lego Stormtroopers Raiding A Mega-Bloks Hideout.

Our brave boys taking the fight to the knock-offs!

Every Lego Stormtrooper had the following text written inside of them, where no one could read it unless you had hit them with a sledgehammer first:
"If you have a problem with your Lego stormtroopers (Like an addiction to cheese, tampering with telephones etc) please contact Darth Shmi, on 0000000f.y.l.o.00000000 and get a free Walking Carpet."

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