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Boba Fett and Mirta Gev.

Culture and historyEdit

"We Mandalorians are a different breed. We do things the Mandalorian way. Don't pretend to understand us Mandalorians. Have I mentioned how incredibly Mandalorian we are?"
Mandalore the Mandalorian

Mandalorians were either:

At present, there are two types of Mandalorians. Type A, put forward by user:SevRocksSlicerRocksBobafettmandocool:

  • Teh best thing that evah happened to star wars. They are so cool. There are Repuberlic commandos and kick ass bonuty hunturs and whatnot, and thay cen easily kill a Jedi. They are so honorable and stuff, and they have a dead language with loadza those squiggly things, like '. Mandos are kandosii. Mandos are mammals. Mandos fight ALL the time. The purpose of the Mando is to flip out and kill people.

Or an alternative version put forward by ProfessorHead of the University of G*nk:

"You gotta love an elite killing force you can fool by putting on a hat"
―Marn Hierogryph[src]
  • Mandalorians were thugs. They were strong, but had no honor whatsoever, they just used that to cover up their savage ways. One Mandalorian killed one Jedi. 99 times out of a 100, the Jedi would have kicked his ass, but Coleman Trebor used Form I (or II, III, IV, V,VI or MM (There is still much debate among the fans (I for one cannot tell how someone can possibly identify what Form of lightsaber combat someone uses with about 3 seconds of footage, but that's just me))) Mando language is ridiculous.

So, there you have it. Two somewhat conflicting sources. Lucasfilm has yet to devise a canonical version, but Leland Chee's blog is expected to have further information in the near future

Word UsageEdit

Besides being a noun, Mandalorian can be used either as an adjective or a verb.

adj. Completely and totally badass. Ex. "I just drank 4 gallons of blue milk. I'm so totally Mandalorian."

Verb. To Kick copious amounts of ass. Ex. "I just Mandalorian'd all over your face!"

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