"I'm a great Mandalorian warrior, only I can PWN me!"
―Some Mandalorian dude just before he shot himself
Mandalorian Revolver

The dreaded Mandalorian Revolver

A true test of courage, cunning, and skill in battle, Mandalorian Roulette was invented by the Mandalorians (Really??)


You need 2 players or more, a Mandalorian Revolver, 6 bullets, (not just one? (no you n00b, having a gun with just one shot is against Mandalorian code! That's wussy Corellian roulette!) and some cheesecake.

A high ranking Mandalorian, such as a captain, or in some ceremonial events, Mandalore himself, would load the Mandalorian Revolver and hide it in the area where the event would take place. After the cleansing ceremony (polishing their beloved armor) the participants would enter the area and search for the gun. The one who finds the gun first would check if the weapon is loaded, if this was the case, they would spin the cylinder, put the gun to his head, scream: "For Mandalore!" and pull the trigger. After this he would be "the clear and honorable victor," the losers would be skullfrakked by a Zakkeg, Wampa or whatever apex predator is available on the planet where they had set up their camp.

Similar games elsewhere in the galaxyEdit

A very similar game is the Gungan roulette. The only difference is that it is played with a semi-automatic, one-chambered pistol.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some clear and honorable victor: ".......*BANG*..............For Mandalore!!"
Mandalorian Captain: "It's the other way around, stupid. Honor Mandalore first, then shoot yourself!"
— A Mandalorian and his captain debating about the rules
  • Some Mandalorians survived a game of Mandalorian Roulette, this was because they had no brain to begin with.
  • Mandalorian Roulette was fair amusement from time to time, but not as funny as ........Hmm lets say......destroying one's planet.
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