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"I am always prepared for any eventuality! I always have a contingency plan! …Oh, there goes my hand. Poot."
―Nom Anor, at the Battle of Coruscant

Nom Anor, also known as Sneaky Bastard or Decitful Little Twerp was a spy for the Yuuzhan Vong, and was adept at leading his superiors into all kinds of bantha poodoo, whilst ensuring he himself had been conveniently stationed halfway across the galaxy at the time.

He once dressed up like Darth Vader, but this is family-oriented material, so we won’t go there. He also attempted to kill Mara Jade Skywalker several years too early, but was foiled by a pink chicken. He was so humiliated that he joined the good guys for a short period, and randomly strangled a few of his former colleagues. He was supposedly killed over Coruscant, but no one really believes that. Rumors of his severed hand showing up on Mon Calamari as a symbol for a New Yuuzhan Vong Empire ruled by a three-eyed mutant are completely fabricated.