Plunkism, also known as All that is Unholy, was an ill-founded religion that hailed the Plunk droid as its diety. Members of this religious order were originally G*nkists who interpolated dark side teachings into their dietary habits. As a result, mental decline quickly set in, causing them to falsely recreate idols with four legs and large bodies. In turn, Plunk droids were created.

Plunkists are known for their lack of mental ability and short life span. It is possible that Wookiee Goldberg, Darth Darth Binks and Darth Dateline NBC were Plunkists due to their lack of intelligence, unstable persona, and their diet of dark side infused food.

Religious beliefsEdit

Plunkists only have three core beliefs, due to their limited mental capacity.

  1. Their first stupid belief is that G*nk is an evil being who forced Plunk from his rightful place as Dark Lord of the Bith of Taris. With this, Plunkists believe that Plunk will rise from the ruins of shorted circuits to reclaim its place above the non-Human beings of Taris and the galaxy.
  2. The second belief is that all its members must adhere to the Dark Side Cell Phone Plan, instituted independently by Dark Helmet.
  3. The third tenet of Plunkism is that all must eat food that had been infused with Dark Side energies. This food was able to be purchased in the food court of Darth Mall on Coruscant and Darth Mall 2 on Korriban.

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