"There are some who accuse us of eating the bodies of our slain foes. To them I say this: It's not our fault our enemies are so delicious!"
―Rakatan Emperor

The Rakata were an ancient species of builders that lived far, far back in the mists of... a long, long time ago. They were ugly, but incredibly smart and driven. They perfected hyperdrive technology, droid technology, all the things later generations took for granted. But the Rakata also discovered the Dark Side of the Force and went nuts and started conquering and killing everything. They built the Star Forge, a massive factory powered by leeching off the nuclear power of stars... and also powered by evil. They gained most of their early technology from the Kwa and after learning how to harness the force from them, the Rakata proceeded to pwn the living shit out of them. The Rakata then proceeded to destroy the Kwa civilisation and then took out the Gree and the Celestials. They enslaved hundreds of races and developed a reputation for killing and eating the bodies of their fallen enemies. On the bright side, their body-eating also prompted them to develop excellent tasting fava beans and the finest Chianti in the galaxy.

The Rakata called their evil government the Infinite Empire, which only goes to prove, not only were they evil, they were also very poor liars. They conquered the Selkath, the Wookiees, the Noghri, the Duros, and a bunch of other races who in a few centuries would have been strong enough to kick their asses. They may have even met the ancient, mysterious "Sith" species on Korriban.

Just about all of the Rakatan technology was either powered or controlled by the Force, usually the Dark Side, which was cool because very few aliens could use it... at least it was cool, until the entire species began to lose their Force sensitivity. Suddenly, fewer and fewer of the Rakata could use the technology that maintained their empire. Their empire shrank and shrank until finally only the Rakatan homeworld, Lehon, remained. The remaining Rakata spent most of their time hanging out on the beach and slaughtering each other in arenas. The only reason they didn't get conquered by the first alien race that happened upon them was that their homeworld was protected by a disruptor field that prevented any ship from approaching.

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Darth Revan and Darth Malak hung around with the Rakata for a while, but only because they needed help activating the Star Forge.

Their voices sounded an awful lot like Phil LaMarr. Probably a coincidence.