Asajj VentressThe Sith are a group of Dark Side Force-users who believe that they are the holders of ultimate power in the galaxy! They usually have a Darth in front of their names and they did not like the army of hippies called the Jedi. They have a crappy system of power where the apprentice kills the master, so they don't believe in team building. Plus Sith whined like spoiled brats whenever they don't get their cookies. The Jedi always tried to destroy the great Sith Lords and claim the galaxy for themselves, although they never succeeded due to believing in peace and the Light Side.

The Sith Boom Edit

At some point, Many beings tried to be Sith and trained under each other. God had to arrive to kill many of them and take a few others survivors to be part of his army as there were too many Sith, even after Darth Darth Binks death.

End Of The Sith ( Mostly ) Edit

After the Shadow Wars, many Sith Lords and under Lords had died. Darth-Darth Binks was dead as was Darth Wlmo and most other Sith Overlords. The new Overlords of the Galaxy were known as Galactic Overlords instead. By 33 ABY, All but a few of the Sith had been wiped out.

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Notable members include: