"He's a bright person. Yes, he's smart. Brilliant, in fact. He's a genius! His IQ is off the charts! For all I know, he can calculate in his sleep! Wait, he doesn't sleep...for now"
Darth Lucas

A possible appearance of Suttle himself.

SuperShadow (whose real name is believed to be Mickey Suttle) is a completely trustworthy Star Wars fan whose website reports 100% truthful secrets from George Lucas, a close personal friend of SuperShadow. He is a brilliant genius and every single word he says is true. Yes, every word. Except when he says he's lying. That's not true.

SuperShadow is reported to have destroyed no less than 73,825 planets.

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SuperShadow has an article discussing every Jedi's penis size midichlorian count.

By the way, the midichlorians remade him into Mike Zeroh.